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Tom Albright

This database contains all the publications of Tom Albright.

Most of these publications can be downloaded in PDF format. They are made available for individual use only; contact the publisher and the author to receive permission for reproduction in any form.

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    Refereed Conference Proceedings

    • Buracas, G. T.; Albright, T. D.; Sejnowski, T. J.; Varieties of attention: A model of visual search., Proceedings of 3rd Joint Symposium on Neural Computation, 6, 11-25, 1996
    • Croner, L. J.; Albright, T. D.; How color enhances discrimination of motion in visual noise: Psychophysice and hysiology., Proceedings of the 2nd Joint Symposium on Neural Computation, 5, 36-42, 1995
    • Albright, T. D.; Gross, C. G.; Do inferior temporal cortex neurons encode shape by acting as fourier descriptor filters?, Proceedins of the International Conference on Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks, 2, 375-378, 1990 (PDF)